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Irvin's Tinware

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Irvin's Tinware

For over 50 years, we have offered quality, handcrafted products for America’s rustic country homes. Shop our top selling products today: rustic chandeliers, country lamps, and country furniture.

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Country Rustic Pendants

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Rustic Pallet Art

Rustic Country Table Lamps

Rustic Country Tin Chandeliers

Irvin's Tinware was first realized in 1960 when craftsman Irvin Hoover, known for building birdhouses, was encouraged by a local merchant to reproduce an antique tin-pierced lantern. At just sixteen years old, young Irvin fashioned his first lantern from an old stovepipe. Needless to say, these lanterns became quite popular. From this point forward, Irvin expanded upon his handcrafted tinware and opened Irvin's Craft Shop, which would later become today's Irvin's Tinware.